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Line Tightness Testing
eLabs has provided reliable line tightness testing services to gas station tank owners throughout Upstate, SC for more than 30 years.

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Line tightness testing is a required annual test for all tank owners. eLabs has been keeping underground storage tank (UST), service station and tank owners in compliance with SC DHEC, NCDENR, and other regulatory agencies since 1985. Since then we have gone through multiple test methods. eLabs has kept up with the latest technology and now uses the reliable and accurate Estabrooks EZY Chekā„¢ product line tester for leak detection checks.

Since this is a required annual test, we keep a calendar for all of our customers in order to remind them when their required annual testing comes due each year and call to schedule in advance.

eLabs maintains a secure cloud-based technology system for customer records and test results. We provide these to our customers for inspection purposes with priority service available should DHEC or NCDENR be on site and requesting these documents.

Results are what operators care most about. Being able to rely on truly professional testers delivers incredible peace of mind to customers. That goal has been the cornerstone to eLabs sterling reputation and consistent customers.


This device is connected to either the emergency valve or the air eliminator, and the graduated column is partially filled with product. Regulated gas pressure of up to 80 PSI is applied to the product in the column. This maintains a constant hydrostatic pressure in the system, regardless of variations in liquid level. Any leakage is observed in the graduated cylinder.

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